Exclusive savings for members

Join a collective of thousands of other businesses who purchase over
$60 million in business solutions each year.
Our organization partners with Excelerate America to provide members with highly-discounted pricing at ODP Business Solutions that you could not get on your own. The discounts extend to almost every item and across all categories like technology, furniture, and cleaning & breakroom supplies.

What you get when you join:
  • Up to 55% off on office supplies
  • Up to 55% off on cleaning¬†& breakroom items
  • 10% off branded; 20% off private brand ink & toner
  • Average 10% off on over 200 technology core items
  • Free next-day shipping on orders of $50 or more
  • SIGNIFICANT savings on copy & print
  • Customize pricing for the items you buy most often*

What happens next:
  1. Complete the form to request a new ODP Business Solutions account.
  2. Excelerate America will send you an email with next steps for your requested account type.
  3. Start saving!
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