April 29, 2022

Tenacity Tales #23: On Running Towards Discomfort

Health and wellness are often overlooked in the busy life of an entrepreneur. But in Dayna Mott’s case, it’s her main mission.

Dayna created her business, DNA Wellness, with her husband Anthony to empower and encourage others with long-lasting wellness solutions. Think simple tips, engaging tutorials, and practical advice on 360-topics including emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial health (one of their popular YouTube videos even details how Anthony bought a Tesla 3!).

Her interest in the holistic field was piqued when her son was young and encountering health problems. She was able to find natural remedies and implement dietary changes that improved overall his well-being in a way that no doctor expected.

Today Dayna is a dynamic entrepreneur and a published author, too— Her book, Kinky Locs, shares simple and natural solutions for ethnic curly hair that save time, money, and energy.

Read more about Dayna, DNA Wellness, and why she thinks every small business owner should do scary things in this month’s Tenacity Tales.

Dayna Mott, founder of DNA Wellness

Dayna Mott, founder of DNA Wellness.

What’s the obstacle that you have overcome that you are most proud of?

So my biggest obstacles were writing a book and public speaking.

First, when it came to writing a book I had to constantly visualize the finish. My “Why” in writing the book was on my mind. See I knew the struggles I went through in self-acceptance and having the necessary tools. I felt strongly that even if one person was inspired to self-love it was all worth it. When I wanted to give up I would go back to my vision board. I would close my eyes and picture the completion of the book.

Second, when it comes to public speaking I would say I had to go much deeper. I remember in April of 2019 being asked to speak to a crowd of a couple thousand people. Without thought I immediately said no. I looked on stages and I didn't see me. I thought I'm not that outgoing.

Then around this time I read something that Rachel Hollis wrote. She stated that it matters that everyone sees themselves on stage. I realized I needed to show up because there are people I am supposed to inspire.

Every time I speak I want to say no. I feel myself getting nervous and anxious. So now I practice my deep breathing. I use the power of essential oils to reset my mind. I also throw in a little music to hype myself up. I had to accept the fact that it will not always be perfect, but the repetition will set me up for greater things.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you first started?

That in the greatest pain amazing things would be birthed.

I used to run from discomfort and pain. If I would have held on a little longer I know I would be even further than I am now.

The Mott family

Dayna with her husband and business partner, Anthony, and their two kids.

What’s your best advice to other small business owners?

Go for it. Do it scared. Be willing to lose things. But always learn and get better.

It matters who you surround yourself with. If you don't feel like you have allies and support, call me. Let's connect and chat. There are enough critics in the world, be a cheerleader.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I believe strongly that the way you begin your day sets the tone for how the rest of it will turn out.

I am very intentional about my morning routine. I start my day at around 5:30-6am. I turn on all the diffusers in my home. I then engage in Bible reading and meditation. I couple this with deep breathing. I have two children so before they wake up I want to make sure I'm centered.

Around 7:30-8am I start working. Because many of those I work alongside are in different time zones, this is usually when I set up calls. By 10am my children are usually getting up so this time is blocked to get them going in their day. This includes breakfast, getting dressed, etc. I homeschool so I will also get them setup with their education for the day and what is expected. I then shift back to work around 1-1:30pm. In addition to meeting with people, I make care packages, send out emails, and record and formulate education.

Around 5pm I generally go back into Mommy mode. This includes dinner, cleaning, etc. I guard this time for my family until bedtime. My kids start getting ready for bed at 8pm because most nights I teach alongside my husband at 8:30pm. This generally takes me to bed fulfilled. I look forward to my routine every day. I am so satisfied and grateful for my business and helping people.

Dayna practices breathing exercises.

Dayna begins every day with reading, meditation and deep breathing.

What’s next for DNA Wellness?

The sky is the limit.

Our company is on a mission to make health and wellness affordable for everyone. Africa has a special place in my heart, but I'm open to everyone. I want to empower as many people as possible with the best tools to manage their physical, emotional, financial and mental health.

I believe we are at a crucial time in history that it is imperative to pivot and think outside the box.

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