April 29, 2022

Stumped on Social Media? Use the ATACC Method

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By Robert Courtney, founder of Robert Courtney and Associates, a full-service branding agency specializing in social media, digital marketing, storytelling, design, and video production.

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool of our lifetime. It not only keeps people around the country and the globe connected, it’s also become a marketing machine. Brands everywhere can easily discover their target audience and reach them from the comfort of their own home and preferred platform.

Many small businesses still feel intimidated by social media or may not be devoting the time nor care to it that could really help their brand succeed. I created an acronym, ATACC, that simplifies how small business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere can utilize social media more effectively and efficiently. These are marketing principles that will apply regardless of what the tool of that time is.

ATACC: Audience, Trust, Attention, Content, Consistency


Your audience is the most important element of any marketing strategy. You have to have to have people in order for your business to be successful. Social media currently gives you the lowest barrier of entry to finding those people.

There are many people who may never call or email your business, but who want to interact and learn more about your business. These potential customers will look for you on their favorite social media channels. Your followers then become an engaged community.

Your audience is any and everyone in your network, but your social media following can be immediately interacted with and exported from your platforms to your owned database.


Social media is an excellent tool for building customer trust. It’s a two-way street to engage your customers and prospects.

It also allows you to show your true personality, build authority in your industry, and promote helpfulness and drive customer service. Each of these are key in building trust.

Think about the brands or businesses that you trust the most. Do you follow them on any social channels? What are they doing there that cultivates your trust? Find your audience then use your platforms to build trust over time.


How to get a customer’s or a prospect’s attention is a problem as old as marketing itself. Social media allows you to build a relationship with these audiences so that they’re more receptive to giving you their attention when you’re seeking it.

Social media also allows you to try things to see if they work or not. Don’t be afraid to test your ideas and find out what people are responding to. The current social media landscape is just a big fight for attention. Make sure every post aims to educate or inspire.


So many owners I know worry about content. They think they have nothing interesting to offer. Let me tell you: You’re WRONG. It is human nature to be curious about other humans. Something as simple as saying good morning is powerful because it’s putting content out there.

You can also experiment with different types of content. Maybe your audience likes live videos, or polls, or funny memes? Or maybe they’re seeking out more info and responding to article links and tips more. Content becomes easy if you open yourself up to the idea that anything and everything can be used for social media content. If you’re passionate about it, and consistent,  it can work.


You must be consistent with your content and the way you engage in social media because your audience/community/customers will begin to expect and look for it. Consistency also builds trust.

Remember, the bigger goal with social media tools is to convert your general audience into fans and customers. This acronym simply gives you the principals to make that happen more efficiently. We’re rooting for your success. Let us know if you need help along the way.

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