April 29, 2022

Tenacity Tales #17: Branding Brought To Life

 The Woodward Movement Creative story began in 2016, when owners Jim Doyon and Nathan Martin recognized a need for brand development and strategy services within the screen printing industry. Their approach was to offer their expertise and guidance on top of printing services to help move other brands forward, and aide in their overall growth and success.

What keeps Jim and Nathan constantly driving towards perfection? Passion, creativity, and grit.

That sums up so many of our entrepreneurs, especially ones in our hometown of Detroit.

Their offices can be found on the famous Woodward Avenue there, just down the road from Excelerate America's HQ. It's one reason why we were so stoked to work with them on creating our new small biz merchandise (Keep an eye out for that! It launches this weekend.). And also why we're extra excited to share their story with you in this month's Tenacity Tales.

Jim Doyon, his bad ass wife, and his beautiful family

Jim Doyon, Co-Owner of Woodward Movement, with his family.

What’s the obstacle that you’ve overcome that you’re most proud of?

Being a small business owner, it seems like there are constantly new obstacles. With each stage of growth comes new challenges. Daily, I’m proud of my team for being creative and for solving our clients’ problems. The team's work really makes a true impact for the clients’ brands.

And as new challenges emerge, I’ve learned to tackle all that lies ahead using a rather simple method—balance. Bringing balance to my work life has actually made me much more effective. It’s all too easy for a business owner to become totally engrossed by seeing that their baby—their business—as their first priority. However, my actual three amazing children have inspired me to strike that necessary and desired work-family balance.

Growing up as the oldest child of six siblings, in a divorced family no less, one lesson I’ve learned is that as difficult as things may seem, if you come together as a team, you can overcome any obstacle. I also experienced early on how four different parents chose to prioritize their time with their children. These two things allowed me to realize at a young age that I wanted two things in life: one was to share the lessons I’ve learned through mentoring and coaching; and two was that when I had kids, I always wanted to be there for them with purpose. 

I am super proud that with the support of my wife, my business partner, Nathan, and the rest of my team, I can take advantage of the moments that are most important for both my business and my family, allowing me to maximize each. 

The Service Menu at Woodward Movement

The services menu at Woodward Movement.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known then?

Be in the moment and draw the line. That is, in order to be a successful business owner and a great parent, it’s imperative not to bring work home. It’s super difficult, but well worth it in the end. When I’m around the family, I try not to be on the phone, and I’m constantly reminding myself that although the business is my baby, I don’t have to be involved in everything. I have surrounded myself with an amazing team. Let them do their jobs. Allow them to do what they love doing. That way, I can give my full attention to my family. I’ve also had to learn that it is okay not to be there for everything my kids do, however, when I am with them, I need to be there with purpose and to make each minute count. In return, when I am at the office I’m focused on growing the business. 



What’s your best advice to other small business owners?

There’s so much advice to give, just as I am always eager to get advice from others. But if there is one thing I would like to pass on, it would be the advice my business coach, Barry Demp, gave me: Spend your time getting better at the things you are good at and stop wasting time focusing on improving the things you’re not good at. As business owners, we excel at certain things, otherwise we wouldn’t be where we’re at today. So, why waste time on trying to focus on the ones that hold us back!?

Instead, we must surround ourselves with a team that has the strengths that make up for our weaknesses. I’m not always detail-oriented, and I can procrastinate, however, I love coaching people, solving problems, and setting up processes. My business partner and our Client Success Manager know this and take over the details while pushing me to enjoy time with our partners.

It’s a great fit because in realizing my weaknesses my team can see firsthand how all our lives will be easier when we don’t try and do things we just aren’t as good at.

Woodward Movement at Eastern Market.

Woodward Movement doing live screen printing at Eastern Market in Detroit, MI.

What’s a typical day like for you?

My wife is a bad-ass. She has an extremely important role within her organization, and she works pretty long hours. In order to achieve the work-life balance we both want for our kids and family, we started a new schedule coinciding with this year’s school schedule, where she drives the kids to school and I pick them up.

In order to get everything done for the day, I get to the office by 6 a.m., and then leave by 4 in the afternoon so I can pick my kids up before having dinner ready when my wife gets home. My kids usually help me cook dinner, which is awesome, since cooking is a passion of mine. And they seem to enjoy it as well. While at the office, especially early in the morning, I get to focus on projects and the overall business objectives, and then starting around 9 o’clock, meetings with the team and partners begin.


What’s next for you and Woodward Movement?

Woodward Movement is mine and Nathan’s second business venture together. We were college roommates and started our first business, InkAddict Apparel, a few years after graduation. InkAddict started from the excitement of growing our own brand. That excitement has since become a passion, and has transformed into creating Woodward Movement, which focuses on growing other companies’ brands.

We are working at changing the way companies communicate their brand to their customers. Changing the norm of what screen printers and promotional marketing companies are about. We will continue searching for those partners to be part of our family and for those who appreciate our focus on quality and creativity rather than on quantity and the status quo.

I am proud to say that the team we’ve built at Woodward Movement is up to the challenge to expand and bring on new projects. And I am confident that our clients can attest to that. We look forward to becoming even more of a staple in the Metro Detroit community as well as launching a second location in the western U.S. in the near future. 


Want to learn more about Jim and Woodward Movement?

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